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Auto Painting Estimate

Painting a vehicle is a step by step process that is estimated before any of the work is started. For instance, the vehicle must be checked for rust as rust will eat away at your car very slowly. The rust needs to be removed and treated before the paint is applied. If it is not treated, the rust will continue to eat away at the metal of the vehicle. Removing rust and old chipped paint is the hardest part of the painting process and if a vehicle is extremely rusted it can cost a lot to paint it professionally.

A professional painter estimates both the cost and the time of completion so the customer knows how long they will be away from their car, and how much it will cost them. The auto painting estimate depends on several factors, such as how much prep work needs to be done before the car is painted. Prepping the vehicle is a huge factor in cost, but is not the only one. The quality of paint that you choose for your vehicle is something that your professional will factor in his estimate.

There are many different types of paint that a car can be painted with, and each one offers its own set of advantages. For instance, one paint brand may initially be very inexpensive, yet easily chips away. Another brand may have the potential to stay on for the lifetime of the car, but it also costs a small fortune. Just like you wouldn’t put an expensive paint job on a four wheel drive, you also would not put a cheap paint job on your new sports car.

The amount of coats of paint you decide to put on your vehicle is also determined in your professional’s estimate. The more coats you want the more paint has to be used, which will subsequently raise the cost of the job. The fewer coats you want the lower the quality will be. If you want a design painted on your vehicle that requires a different color the cost for paint will increase. The more colors you have on your vehicle means the professional has to use more materials and will raise the cost.

A basic paint job can cost hundreds of dollars and the more prep work that has to be done the higher the base cost will be. If you want a professional look for your paint job you have to spend some cash and a really good paint job will cost well over a thousand. A professional paint job can dramatically increase the value of a vehicle and add a look that gets it noticed.