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Custom Auto Painting

Custom car paint is something that people of all ages, races and backgrounds can enjoy. No matter where you are in the country, it is not too hard to find the local custom car culture. Whether it's "hot rods", "lowriders", or "donks", custom auto painting jobs are the final essential touch to a unique vehicle. Metallic and metal flake paint, candy paint, and satin colors are three of the most popular custom finishes to have.

Metallic paint refers to glossy paint that has very fine pieces of metal in it to add an extra shine and sparkle. Metallic paints come with the metal bits already mixed in with the paint. Two to three coats of metallic paint is usually enough to give a nice and efficient sheen. Metal flake paint is basically the expanded version of metallic paint. The actual flakes are bought separately and mixed in with the glossy paint. The flakes are much bigger than those found in conventional metallic paint and will often require a special nozzle on the paint sprayer to ensure that the flakes do not get stuck in the gun.

Candy paint refers to a process of laying down a base coat of silver or gold metallic paint first. It then adds an extra step of spraying translucent paint on top of the metallic paint so that the silver shines through the color on top of it. This creates a truly unique depth and shine to paint jobs that is especially beautiful in the direct sunlight. Ironically, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can quickly fade a candy paint job, so it is recommended to wax the car regularly and to keep a soft car cover over the vehicle.

Satin color are basically just flat colors. There is no gloss in the paint and this often will give the appearance of primer but with colors other than gray. Flat colors are considered a very "working class" finish in the car culture world. It is a very respectable and economical paint job to have for those that want new paint but don't want to spend an absurd amount of money for one.

Regardless of what car you drive or what your background is, there is surely a custom paint style for you. With a little time spent researching, there is no telling what ideas will start rolling in to finish your car.